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About Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson)

Michael Dadson enjoys spending time with his family and in the outdoors fishing, golfing, hiking, and exploring.

Dr. Mike Dadson holds a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is a certified trauma specialist, providing therapy and counselling services to individuals, couples, and families for over 30 years.

Dr. Dadson is the Clinical Director of his Gentle Currents Therapy Clinic and leads a dynamic team. Visit our Meet the Team Page to view our diverse and talented counsellors.


Combined, Dr. Mike Dadson’s expertise and specialization in men's counselling, Dr. Dadson has been particularly beneficial for many men from a variety of different settings, who have sought his help to work through the challenges of career, life transitions, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma and more.

Dr. Michael Dadson has also helped thousands of couples, families and individuals, face their fears, overcome their issues through his compassionate and effective approach to therapy and is a top-rated marriage counsellor in Langley, BC.

With specialized training in trauma counselling (trauma informed therapy), and years of research into men’s mental health, Dr. Mike Dadson’s effective counselling approach continues to help men work through issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, anger management, addiction recovery, and trauma recovery. Dr. Dadson has extensive experience working with couples on communication issues, conflict resolution strategies, parenting challenges and more.

Dr. Mike Dadson’s 40 + years of dedication to helping people find healing and growth has made him a trusted counsellor for many individuals, believing that therapy should be tailored to each individual’s unique needs; his aim is to provide compassionate care that helps clients find their own solutions to their problems while developing insight into their emotional and behavior patterns.


According to Dr. Dadson:

It can be helpful for men to think of emotions as E-motions, or energy in motion. Emotions animate our actions and are the energy that moves us to action. Emotions are action orientations and understanding them, regulating them and directing them are an important keys to empowerment.

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