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Men’s Counselling with Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson)


It is essential to acknowledge and address these unique challenges that men face in order to promote their mental well-being

The Men’s Life Review Group

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Change is Possible!
Join our team of men to review the significant life experiences that have shaped how we see ourselves as men, who we are as sons and/or as fathers. Criteria for involvement includes the ability to give and receive support as a part of a team, to maintain privacy, and to help the group to accomplish its goals. Additional rules of engagement will be developed within the group itself.

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As a group, we aim to find, explore and work together to overcome the barriers that keep us from experiencing growth as men. We plan to leverage this intensive weekend of change to reach for more of our potential as individuals.
Phone: 778-554-0174
Location: Gentle Currents Therapy clinic group room
Cost: 1200.00 for the weekend and lunch is included.

Men Face Unique Issues in Counselling

Dr. Mike Dadson’s’ counseling experience and academic research identifies “men face unique barriers when it comes to accessing mental health care”. “Cultural messaging can be a major obstacle standing in the way of emotional well-being and vulnerability yet when men come together as a unified force, there is potential for positive outcomes” adds Dr. Dadson.

“It’s crucial for men to understand that reaching out for assistance is a testament to their inner strength, not a display of weakness. Mental health challenges don’t discriminate based on gender, and it requires bravery to confront and conquer them,” emphasizes Dr. Michael Dadson. “In the right environment for men, they can fully address their psychological well-being whether that is in the context of relationships, career, substance abuse/addictions, trauma or depression and anxiety” adds Michael Dadson.

Counselling tailored for men is a specialized field due to several distinct factors. Michael Dadson points out that “Men and women encounter diverse experiences and obstacles concerning mental health and emotional stability. Men, in particular, confront distinct societal pressures and norms that can influence their mental well-being and their approach to seeking assistance.”

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Overall, these issues and experiences can have profound effects on men’s mental health and well-being. By addressing these unique issues in counseling it can help men navigate challenges, improve emotional well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life.
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